Environmental LED Immersion (ELI)


ELI is the next evolution of green screen technology. Using a large, high-resolution LED panel to display pre-shot video, we can create backgrounds that rival the actual location. In a matter of minutes, your talent can appear anywhere you need them to. Without worrying about location fees, travel expenses, or weather.


Lowering production cost and variables

Director and cinematographer Todd Klein used ELI to shoot a commercial for Cheerios. By creating LED background plates, they simulated a suburban backyard. They didn’t have to worry about weather and could focus on the child actress whose work hours are limited.


Create an amazing backdrop

The Band Perry wanted to shoot a music video with brilliant color and imagery projected on a custom backdrop. Combining LED displays with a moving camera would have created distracting moiré patterns. So, we converted their idea into a custom-made, two-sided, projection screen. We built it onsite in Chicago and it stood 10 ft tall and was a total of 260 ft long. We also provided their production team with a full-scale walkthrough before shipping it to Nashville. Check out the completed design in their music video.