Broadcast your story to the world

From the desktop to the second screen, Resolution Productions Group combines broadcast best practices and web presentation experience to create an immersive experience beyond the screen. Our expertise in event and video development carries over to our webcast productions, allowing you to broadcast your story to the world. 

Webcasts are ideal for companies looking to reach customers on a global scale, as well as for educational events such as training seminars or continuing education classes. Resolution provides full service in webcast production including: 

  • A Stage That Fits: Resolution's variety of staging areas can be adapted to fit your companies needs. We offer stages in sizes from 5,000+ square feet to under 750 square feet. 
  • Best-in-Class Equipment: We use top of the line recording and editing equipment to ensure a beautiful broadcast. Our facility has top-tier internet connections to ensure that your webcast is not interrupted and comes through crystal clear.
  • Post-Production: Allow your event to live forever with post-production services that create a recording of your web cast. On-site sound and video editors as well as a graphic designer ensures your event is sharp and clear. 

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