Video is a critical part of any live event, and at every stage of it. From pre-building show content to be displayed during your event, to post-event recap videos; video is infused into every part of today's live events. Resolution Productions Group offers combined video production + live event production services, providing a seamless experience for your attendees. Our in-house facility, Resolution Studios; uses the latest in video equipment, post-production software, and utilizes a sea of experience to make videos the bring events to life - and allow you to relive them all over again. 

We offer the following video production services:

  • On-Site Production: From filming interviews on a factory floor, to stunning footage in the rain forest; our experienced crew can and will travel anywhere to capture the highest quality video content for your brand. 
  • Video Editing: Make the video of your event seamless and make it shine. Our video editing team blends your event video together to make for a stunning presentation. 
  • Graphic Design: Deliver a consistent look and feel throughout your live event with graphic design services. Backgrounds, transition elements, and more make for a seamless, beautiful event. 
  • Sound Design: Make your event or shoot sound as good as it looks. We offer the highest quality in sound recording equipment and the latest software for post-record editing to ensure crystal-clear audio. 
  • Publish + Broadcast: A great story doesn't mean much if you can't tell it to people. We prepare the video of your event or production for publishing and also offer webcasting services. 

Interested? Visit our friends at Resolution Studios to learn more about our video editing capabilities; or fill out the contact form to speak with our team.