Seven reasons why your meeting and event staging should use LED walls

There are many ways to design a set using hard scenic elements, lighting, and projection but the flood of LED tiles in the states has turned a once budget-busting stage technology into an affordable option for corporate meetings.  Incorporating LED walls in design is outpacing projection as a choice for set design and offers a variety of benefits through content-driven display. Here are seven reasons to help you understand why choosing LED for your next meeting or event design is a great option.

Building blocks- With LED, you work with modular pieces and can construct a variety of 2 dimensional, geometric, and curved walls.  You can build 3-dimensional shapes such as cubes, octagons, and circles creating walk-around structures with multiple display areas.

Smaller Footprint- LED tile takes up a very small footprint with an average depth for tiles averaging no more than 6”. Ground supported walls use support bracing and, depending on height, have a footprint typically no more than 3’ deep. The smaller footprint allows you to maximize room seating and presentation area on stage.

Less Rigging - Venue rigging services add up, taking away budget and prohibiting set design.  LED walls can be ground supported eliminating charges associated with labor and rigging point fees. If rigging is needed to support a larger wall, fewer points will be needed if combined with a ground supported design. Check with your meetings technical engineer to ensure your design meets the necessary safety specifications. 

It's BrighterLED walls are far brighter and deliver superior contrast over projectors making your video and PowerPoint presentations stand out. Indoor LED brightness is adjusted by dialing in the optimal illumination for the audience to view the wall. Outdoor LED is bright enough to display content in direct sunlight providing meeting planners with a variety of new options for natural meeting space settings.

No Obstructions- Unlike projection, you can stand right next to a LED wall without casting a shadow.  LED emits light from its surface and gives you a standalone display option opening up design possibilities for large-scale live events, experiential programs, and meetings in smaller rooms where display can be limited by ceiling height and foot traffic. 

Lower power- LED requires very little power reducing venue power fees. Walls as large a 7.5’ x 13’ use as much power as delivered by your standard wall socket.

Creative flexibility and dynamic content- There are millions of set looks and visual options to program for playback on LED walls. From animated backdrops to custom looks for presenters’ you can change the background in an instant. A presentation takes new shape by leveraging display area with non-standard video formats, animation, and incorporating interactive components with content created right down to the pixel.

LED enables creative beyond the technical aspects of a room layout and allows content to play a bigger role in audience environment design. If you’re looking for a dynamic technology to energize your audience, LED walls are a flexible option for any environment.