At Resolution, we combine our event production expertise with cutting edge technology to provide a level of event engagement unmatched by any other firm. From perfect staging to social media, our vast array of technology combined with over 30 years in the industry means that we don't just produce events - we produce experiences.

Leveraging the power of your audience voice with an experiential event goes beyond audio visual staging. Resolution Productions Group will help you with the technical support and integrations for your campaign. Interactive displays, touch screen, social media integration, mobile applications are a few specialized services we offer from our studios.

Ask us to build proof-of-concepts on our main stage so you and your client can preview the technology before going on location. We R&D technology needed to develop your experiential goals.  We fabricate custom set pieces from our in-house fabrication shop to fit any display set up. We speak digital through mobile app development, proprietary social media aggregators, and data visualization integration.  Whether it’s digital integration or an interactive social display, we can enable the technology your audience uses to tweet, share, and socialize their experience with your brand.  

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