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Events such as meetings, conferences, and holiday parties provide firms with a unique opportunity to make an impact. Resolution Productions Group has been Chicago's elite event staging company for 30+ years.

On-site in our Chicago studios; or anywhere across the country from New York to Los Angeles - we use our expertise, advanced equipment, and talented staff to ensure that our client's events leave an unmatched impression on their stakeholders, team and clients. From enterprise corporate meetings to startups looking to mingle and make an impact; we've helped thousands of businesses create an experience like no other - and we want to help your company next

Event Production Capabilities

  • Design + Planning: Whether your meeting is for 100 or 10,000, our expert team of event coordinators ensure that every detail is planned to fit your needs, from concept and render for set designs to managing your venue technical requirements.  Every event is designed to fit the needs of your engagement program.

  • Audio Visual Equipment Rental: Resolution Productions Group houses a vast inventory of audio visual staging equipment to put on the best show for your program. We own one of the largest projection screen manufacturers in North America creating projection screens in any size imaginable. Want to build a big LED display? We house over 1500 tiles of high-resolution LED tiles for indoor or outdoor programs. Our equipment quality-control measures ensure every facet of your event is sharp, visually stunning, and sure to leave an impact.

  • Experiential Design: Give your audience a voice with Resolution's social integrations and interactive technology. We integrate custom solutions for interactive display, mobile applications and social media aggregators to add more to the environment that engages, excites, and delights your target audience.

  • Road Tours: Multi-city meeting or brand launch? Not a problem. Our roadshow team will scout venues and coordinate labor, with a full fleet of trucks needed to bring your event to life in every city from Albuquerque to Yonkers. Not sure where to have your event? We'll help you scout a location.

  • Before, During, After Event Videos: Promote your conference with our video production studio, Resolution Studios. We will entice your attendees with pre conference teaser videos, create energetic video show openers, capture a record of your speakers, and create post event recaps to promote to your attendees and future prospects.

Don't just put on an event - create an experienced that resonates with Resolution Productions Group. Fill out the contact form below to get in touch and find out what we can do for your company.